CAP 19 CaP 19 - Part 12 Flavour Ability Discussion

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I would upvote Aftermath to take an obvious nod back to the original concept. I can kind of picture Plasmanta sending out a distress shockwave or jetting some bile at the opponent as he faints, just to get the last word in.
I do not like Illuminate as much. It sounds a bit lazy to give Plasmanta Illuminate. I'm leaning more towards Sticky Hold and Liquid Ooze because I think adding onto the Poison and sea-creature aspects can look good on it.
The former might not be too flavorful, but I don't think Plasmanta losing its item to Knock Off would be that bad (like 3hko anyway from STAB Knock Off).

Liquid Ooze sounds really cool on Plasmanta because I can't see much use of Draining moves on it (resists the major ones).

Could Damp be slated? It's a sea creature. Plus, it's Electric/Poison, which sounds a lot like the typing for a nuclear Pokémon; bomb moves shouldn't do much damage.


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Now that The Avalanches mentions it, highlighting Plasmanta's intelligence would be very appealing for flavor, and would justify having Psychic/shock in its movepool. Anticipation is probably my favorite, just because it hasn't been used yet. Remember that Forewarn and Telepathy are already on Necturna.

Also, just throwing out No flavor ability as an option, as we already have a clearly inferior ability in Vital Spirit, and don't necessarily need 2 abilities vastly inferior to Storm Drain.
My favorite is Telepathy which has mentioned before. It's also 100% useless in the CAP metagame. This seems to highlight it's partnership and therefor link with Mega Gyarados, and Plasmanta has psychic abilities. Anticipation, Aftermath, and Liquid Ooze all make flavor sense, and the last two discourage from fainting (Liquid Ooze discouraging drain moves)
I really like the idea of Telepathy, its guaranteed to be a terrible option compared to Storm Drain and Vital Spirit, and it fits flavorwise since Plasmanta is known to possess psychic abilities. Liquid Ooze/Poison Touch are also sorta neat, since they offer a not-too-strong, but flavorful Poison related ability.


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I like Poison Touch and Liquid Ooze the best. Poison touch has nice flavor because it's a Poison-type and has a stinger, giving it the capability to poisonously touch something. Liquid Ooze just sort of looks right with the concept and anybody who uses a draining move on it (Giga Drain, Drain Punch, and Draining Kiss are the only off of the top of my head and are all resisted) should probably get help with general battling. Also, they are both vastly inferior to Storm Drain, Liquid Ooze for reasons listed and Poison Touch because under no circumstances should you be using a contact move with Plasmanta.

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What about Symbiosis? This ability may seem weird and unrelated to Plasmanta seeing as how its one of the Florges lines signature abilities, but it actually makes sense both concept wise in relation to Gyarados and for real life Mantas. Take a look at the definition of it:

interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.

This perfectly fits our Mega Gyarados/Plasmanta relationship, and real life Mantas are actually shown to visit aquatic cleaning stations to get rid of parasites, and in turn giving the fish there a meal. Also, this ability is useless in singles and pretty bad in doubles as well, so its a nice flavor ability.

Other than that, right now I'm liking Telepathy, Anticpation, and Poison Touch
I'm going to propose Rough Skin
Unnerve. One of the points we're making is Plasmanta's sheer size, no? I think a giant glowing poisonous ray would be rather frightening. Also, if we think of this Pokémon as a guardian of something or another then Forewarn might be a nice option too.
I have a couple of abilities here with a good explanation:

  1. Heatproof (It lives in water, so coming out it has a water barrier)
  2. Iron Barbs (It`s spikes could act as the barbs)
  3. Trace (This just seems to make sense)
Heatproof and Iron Barbs are a little too good to be discussed here I think (?), I at least know Heatproof is. Trace is also a little OP, and i don't see how (This just seems to make sense) is a good explanation when it makes 0 sense to me and there is no explanation.


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Okay so I am tying this up here.

Looking through the thread there is a little bit of confusion as to whats not competitive... Also Rays are not "oozey" or sticky...

The slate is as follows:

Poison Touch
No Flavour Ability

I'll throw up the poll in a second.
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